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Promoted Ads

Get more views, promote your video on streemie's main video feed.

Search Ads

Show ads based on relevant keywords in our video search results.

Display Ads

Create display ad campaigns and generate more traffic to your website.

In-Stream Ads

Show In-Stream video ads & increase brand awareness for your business.

Video stats

80% of global internet consumption is related to video.

Yes, you've heard it before - video is key to optimal social media marketing. If you've not considered adding video into your overall digital strategy, you're likely missing out.


billion videos are watched per year


of businesses use video as a marketing tool


of users trust online video ads


can increase conversions by as much as 80%

Easy to Use Interface

We've designed an easy to use interface that even a baby could use.

Track Campaign Performance

Track the performance of your ads & easily edit,pause or delete your campaigns.

Use Streem Cryptocurrency

Use the Streem you earned from your videos & engagement activities to pay for ads.

Create Ads With Simplicity

With Streemie Ad's, we took away complicated ad creation and provided easy to follow steps to get your ad running asap.

Payment Options Made Simple

Integrating blockchain & cryptocurrency technology, Streemie is the evolution of online video

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